Self-Care Guidebook & Mother's Day Gift Guide

Self-Care Guidebook & Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy mom’s day, moms! Welcome to our self-care guidebook to help you find more joy, connect with yourself, and reset your energy amidst the daily mom-ing chaos. 

While spa days and foot rubs are amazing, self-care is really just about giving yourself your full attention. It can mean adding on elaborate, sacred rituals or it can just mean finding moments of joy and connection in your current routine. 

Keep reading for our favorite ways to unwind, reset, and maintain sanity as a mom. Plus, our favorite treat-yourself products to use along the way!  

Bougie Bath time

When you find time for a bath, make it an event. Light some candles, pour yourself a champagne flute of something sparkling, bring out that bath bomb you thought was too nice to use, and just sink right in. Luxuriate in there, give yourself a foot massage and imagine all your tension washing away with the water. 

Ocean Mist Bath Bomb

Formulated to bring the ocean ambience to you, these mermaid-inspired bath bombs are handcrafted with kombu seaweed, spruce, lavender and rosemary to hydrate, detoxify, and soften your skin. Have your own Oceanside retreat right in your bathtub.

ocean mist bath bomb

Soap Saver Organic Cotton Pouf

Ditch those plastic shower loofahs that slough off microplastics into your water and our oceans. Instead, swap your scratchy plastic loofah for a luxurious and sustainable pouf that houses your soap and feels a hug from a cloud. Clean skin and a clean conscience never felt so good. 

soap saver organic cotton pouf

Eucalyptus steamers

Whether you’re blessed with a luxuriously long shower or 5 minutes before the kids wake up, add some ritual to your routine. Pop in a deliciously invigorating eucalyptus steamer and make your shower smell and feel like just a spa getaway.

And if you’re running on no-sleep fumes, the magical mixture of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils will wake you up in most relaxing way possible. 

no tox eucalyptus shower steamers

Sacred skincare

So, you’re washing your face at night – rather than rushing through it with the door open while the kids scream on by, close the door, don that cute headband you bought on Instagram, go slowly and enjoy (it'll only add a minute or two to your routine). Enjoy the lather of your cleanser, take a second to feel how that serum glides on your skin. Maybe do a little gua sha, which feels like heaven when you stop and pay attention to the sensation. Pretend you’re doing a Youtube video of your skincare routine (because a lot of people asked about it) and tend to your devoted following, my friend ;) 

Konjac Sponge

Indulge in the skin-loving magic of Vegan Konjac Sponges, a tribute to nature's simplicity. Crafted from Japanese Konjac vegetable roots and laced with the goodness of Green Tea Extract, these all-natural sponges are the ultimate exfoliators that multitask as the best moisturizer, the most effective toner, and greatest skin-brightening glow-giver. 

And when they've done their job? They're 100% compostable - a perfect circle of life. 

konjac sponge

Blue Spot Jasper Gua Sha Stone

Indulge in the ancient skin-healing ritual of Gua Sha for a moment of delicious calm and serenity in your busy day. And while you're enjoying the ultra-relaxing self-massage, your stunning blue jasper Gua Sha is increasing circulation, releasing tension, boosting collagen, detoxifying, and overall youthifying and improving your complexion. She's your all-in-one skin saviour (plus, she looks gorg on your counter). 

Designed with an extended curve shape to help you access hard-to-reach areas with ease, because this is supposed to be relaxing after all, am I right?

blue jasper gua sha stone

Bamboo Washcloths

Sumptuously soft and ultra-absorbent, these bamboo washcloths are a deliciously indulgent treat for your skin. And the bonus: bamboo uses less energy, space, and water to grow than cotton - have your softness and sustainability too! 

bamboo washcloths

Bloom Jelly Serum Bar

Love on your skin and the planet too with this nourishing and innovative serum bar that’s packed with omega-rich organic actives to reduce redness, smooth texture, and hydrate deeply. Get your glow on minus the wasteful packaging of traditional serums. 

bloom jelly serum bar

Organic Facial Rounds

Indulge your skin with these lavishly plush organic cotton reusable rounds that feel addictively soft and soothing on your skin. Each pack replaces 1000 throwaway cotton pads every single year.

organic cotton facial rounds

Morning (or evening) tea ceremony

The truth is, anything can be a ritual and life is much more fun and meaningful when we add in some ceremony. So, when you’re having your tea, instead of just plopping a tea bag into some microwaved water, take out that china tea pot you never get to use and your most aesthetic teacup or mug, boil some water and create a mini tea ceremony for yourself. 

Use your senses and get right in the moment to fully enjoy the experience. Instead of worrying about how much screen time your kiddos are getting, use that kid-free time to take a meaningful, enjoyable moment for you. Turn their digital distraction into your zen moment. You’re feeling guilty just thinking about it, aren’t you? Well don't, friend! Drop your shoulders and just relax.

Morning rose tea

A nutrient-dense and delicious-smelling detoxifying tea handcrafted to calm the mind, boost the immune system, and support the female reproductive system. Handmade in California with wildcrafted organic rose flower, organic raspberry leaf, organic tulsi leaf and flower, and calming organic nettle leaf, it's just the elixir to enrich your morning tea ceremony. 

morning rose herbal tea

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser  

There’s something so satisfying (and waste-reducing) about using a tea strainer and some organic loose tea leaves instead of a tea bag. It feels like you just foraged some magical herbs and flowers while dancing in a meadow and then brought it back to your woodland cottage to steep. Don't let anyone tell you any differently ;) 

This much-loved design is constructed with tight mesh to keep the tea from sleeping through the strainer while a silicon-reinforced keeps your tea hot while it steeps.

stainless steel tea infuser

Ruminate on your wins  

The most important thing you can do for self-care though is to genuinely show care to yourself. Say goodbye to shaming yourself for not having done enough (even though you do literally everything) or feeling guilty for anything. 

Instead, congratulate yourself for how freaking amazing you are. You literally grew a human being inside of you and now you’re spending your life taking care of that little human, giving them love and making sure they turn into a happy, healthy grown up some day. Not to mention the million other things you take care of on a daily basis. You kick ass. Tell yourself just how much daily.

So, yes do a gratitude journal if it strikes your fancy, but also try a wins journal. Write down all the things you’re proud of yourself for (or just do it in your head). Examples to get you started:

  • You are a champion who literally brought life into this world - take a bow.
  • Remember when you resisted the urge to leave your child in the store amidst their Oscar-worthy tantrum (no really, applause).
  • Great freaking job for driving your child to school before driving to work and working all day and then coming home to be a mom again.
  • Applaud yourself for deciphering the lost language of algebra to help with your kiddo's  homework (even though it left you stumped in school).
  • And finally, give yourself kudos for just doing your freaking best every single day. 
  • And on and on. Do a rampage of appreciation for yourself. Or you know, message us. We’d love to hype you up.


Wishing you calm, contentment, and a whole lot of blissful quiet time this Mother's Day ❤️