Satisfaction Guarantee*

We take pride in offering you a high quality natural product in innovative zero waste packaging.  We want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase and are happy to take care of any issues you may have. 

Since our packaging is not made to be indestructible and last forever, sometimes it can fail.   If you feel this happened from minimal use, please let us know!  The most common issue is that the end seal on the cap or tail fails.  This is rare, but if it happens we are happy to send a replacement.  

Our product is made with all natural ingredients and preservatives.   This means that the average shelf life is approximately 2 years, although it is best if used within a year.   The shelf life of botanical oils can vary and they can sometimes go rancid (you can tell this by its smell).  Any product ordered from our website directly is guaranteed to be fresh!  Sometimes product sold at a retailer can sit out too long or the shelf life can be shortened depending on placement of the product (ie, heat, sun).  If you purchased a product from a retailer and feel like it is past it’s shelf life please let us know!   To receive a replacement just let us know when and where you purchased the product.

*Product replacement eligibility will be determined at at the discretion of BHB.  Completely empty tubes of product will not be replaced.  We are not responsible for product that is lost, stolen or run through the wash.