Sustainable Skincare

At our core, we strive to minimize plastic in skincare by adopting zero-waste packaging. If the ingredients are clean and green, the packaging should follow suit. Our products are safe, effective, and made with fresh, high-quality ingredients derived from nature and created using time-honored traditional herbal medicine-making methods.  

What sets us apart? Sustainability governs every choice we make. From suppliers to packaging and marketing, we uphold stringent sustainability standards. Rest assured that our products lead the market as the most eco-conscious choice available.

Our Products Are

Plastic Free • Zero Waste • Certified Organic • Sustainably Organic • Vegan • Local Sourcing • Made in The USA • Home Compostable • Tree Free Labels • Recyclable • Made With PCW Recycled Paper •  Sea Turtle Conservation • Plastic Waste Removal • Plastic Pollution Education

Sustainably Sourced

We only use locally sourced, certified organic, fair trade certified, and sustainably wild-harvested ingredients. No commercial ingredients grown with chemicals or synthetic additives ever make it into our products. Our foundation is built on locally grown goodness, and we’re fully transparent about our ingredients and their origins.

Biodegradable Packaging

Embracing eco-consciousness, our 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging

sets us apart. Innovative eco tubes made from recycled paper replace plastic, achieving zero waste. Our tree-free balm labels, derived from sugar cane fiber, are

100% home-compostable.

Giving Back

Giving back is part of our mission. For each product sold, we protect a baby sea turtle hatchling and remove plastic waste from crucial nesting beaches. Not only are our products 100% Plastic Free, but we also strive to help protect creatures most impacted by plastic pollution.

We've saved 79,613 turtles to date and diverted 100K units of plastic from the landfill.

Migrate to Wellness. One Body. One Planet. We care for both.
1 for 1 A baby sea turtle is saved for every BHB product purchased.